Original Guild "Recruitment" Post

As part of my "Anatomy of a Mega Guild" series, here is the original forum post that I responded to.

As you all know Cataclysm is around the corner and many changes are coming.
One of them being how guilds work and the perks/rewards they offer.

As everyone knows it is not easy starting/maintain a guild, let alone a guild that plans to advance in heroics and raids so they can level the guild and get pretty decent perks and rewards.

It is also very difficult finding a guild that is stable and that has a decent environment that will take you in. There are some people and groups out there that are decent, but just cant find a stable and jiggy place where they can do the do and at the same time work on getting the rewards.

That is what we are offering.

We are planning on having several types of 10 man groups for raiding:
(At this moment not planning on regular 25 mans, we'll do some, but focusing on 10 mans)

1) a hardcore/No life group(hardmodes, achievements, etc) - Probably led by Co-guild Leader Jostin
2) a group of awesome players with not as much time
3) a jiggy group of good players who dont take things super seriously
4) probably other type of groups

Having these groups ensures that our guild is leveling at a decent pace and keeping up with perks.


1) Solid group of people that need a guild, you want to run your own group with people you know and trust. You will be responsible for all your members and raids.

2) Individual solid player that is looking for a stable guild. (These will be looked at carefully. Can work with other members to try and form a 10 man group that fits your schedule/style of playing.)

3) Crafters and Gatherers. We'll be needing resources to level and crafters as well.
This does not mean you mine and pick and give to guild, we'll pay more than enough for goods
if you sell to us.

4) PvP team, group dedicated to pvp goals.

What you get: All guild perks(they're very nice), guild rewards(also very nice), good environment with jiggy people where you can level and do heroics.

What we get: We level faster. Some achievements are based on sheer number of actions.


I will be going back to Vanilla Deadbuddha Mode. Meaning Im not taking anything from any member.
If anyone disrespects or does anything really dumb, they are out.

I am also not stupid or hotheaded, I wont be kicking people out too fast, specially if they have put a lot of work into the guild and have high reputation with it. This will be important if they are near the reputation level that gives good rewards.
People will be given a chance and maybe demoted to a rank with no guild chat and allowed to get their reputation high enough so they can get their rewards.
(Again, this is for reasonable people, if you do stupid stuff or curse us out, you're instantly out)

The other side of this is that as long as you keep your head down, help out the guild and do the do,
I cannot kick you.

We will be very careful of the people we invite. They have to remember they are representing the guild
in whatever they do. We're not !##%es or anything, we have fun, but its important to know what the boundaries are. If you dont know what the boundaries are, then dont bother applying.

I will not be running your groups.
Each group will be autonomous, I can act as a mediator and provide help when I can, but every group member is responsible for their group.
Each group will have its own Leaders, they will come up with their own loot rules, schedules, punishments, etc.
If you join a group and agree to their rules then you are bound by them.

Each group will be given a guild rank and a bank tab so they can handle their bitnezz.
They will also have their own section in the forums, so that they can do what guildies do.
Each group can create their own chat channel.
We have guild Ventrilo as well. I'll probably need to get a bigger one. Be ready to throw me some gold if I have to.

Lets say you start a group and you guys rock for a while, but then fall apart because of YoKo Ono,
under a normal guild, you would have to go to another guild and lose all your guild reputation, under our design members can become members of other groups or just go solo to continue working on your own personal guild reputation.

I know a few others are trying this as well, the more stable organizations the better.

If you are interested and have any questions, contact deadbud, personLgezus, Jostin, Venthea or Broflex.

Our guild website is www.tornadoofsoulsguild.com

Have a jiggy day.