Resto Druid Resources

Here's a list of resources for resto druids.


  • Tree Bark Jacket  - the Predominately Resto Flavored Adventures of a druid named Keeva
  • Tree Heals Go Woosh - focus primarily on end-game Resto druid experiences in raiding, dungeons, and PvP
  • FeralTree - Adventures and musings of a resto-feral druid in WoW. 
  • Cannot Be Tamed - a World of Warcraft blog dedicated to raiding, healing and restoration druids.
  • Falling Leaves and Wings  - Thoughts on healing, raiding, and being a resto druid.
  • Restokin  - Lissanna's blog about Warcraft Druids
  • Rank 4 Healing Touch - A Home for All Things Druid, and the Games We Play


    Specific Topic Resources: