Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fears About Call To Arms

I'm still far enough behind in raid content that I'm running heroics most days to cap my valor points (we got 6/12 this week, and are consistently adding a boss every week, so I'm not upset with our progress at all).

I've started to run into tanks who look at my gear (or perhaps recognize the iconic druid shoulders from this tier - which I LOVE) and say to themselves "hey, this healer is raid geared! We don't need any cc!" and they rush in.

And after the first pull goes successfully (because I blew my cooldowns and totally drained myself of mana), they think "hey, she can handle it!" and continue big chain pulls like what we saw in Wrath. Often this type of tank will pull while I'm WAY out of range drinking or dealing with an add that they left behind or whatever. So it becomes this weird situation where I'm blowing everything on trash and not needing it on bosses (which is good, because by then I have nothing).

I've tried talking to them, but they don't listen. "Lol, you're an epic healer you can handle it."

I've tried letting them die, but either they don't get it, or the rest of the party takes the tank's side.

I've finally resorted to vote kicking them. Which means that by now, it takes me 2/3 of an instance to be able to initiate a vote kick.

Even though I can handle it, I don't see why I should be sweating and cussing while the rest of the group sails blythely through. Especially when it's more efficient for a lot of classes to single target the mobs ANYWAY, we don't loose anything by cc'ing one or two for the difficult pulls.

Right now, the Dungeon Finder is a miserable experience for me (and we seem to have a shortage of tanks in our guild, so that's not always an option). Perhaps I just have bad luck and keep getting these Wrath baby tanks? Or folks are feeling progressed enough to start pulling out their 3rd or 4th alt? Or they're getting ready for the Call to Arms feature?

I don't know. But I'm sure that it's going to get worse when Call to Arms is implemented.

I hope by then we're killing enough bosses in raid that I can forgo the Dungeon Finder entirely. And I'll bet that that is not the effect that Blizzard is looking for.

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